Extended Care & Supportive Living

We provide long term recovery options so women are set up for success in their personal recovery and in life. Located a brief walk from our main center, our Extended Care and Supportive Living residence is a beautifully updated home in central Pensacola, crafted to aid long-term sobriety and create a community of supportive women.

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A Space for Personal Development

This center serves as a serene environment where women can refine the skills they have learned and integrate new behaviors into their daily routines. The secure and welcoming setting of the home allows residents to comfortably pursue their recovery with a balance of structure and flexibility.

Support With Autonomy

Our supportive living program lets residents enjoy a degree of independence while accessing the clinical support necessary to maintain their recovery goals. This program includes:

  • Clinical Support: Residents have continuous access to experienced clinical professionals who provide guidance and oversight.
  • Group Sessions: We hold regular meetings that tackle various recovery topics and personal growth areas, providing peer support.
  • Personal Discovery: Residents have the chance to continue individual therapy sessions, which aid in a deeper personal understanding and advancement in recovery.
  • Continued Trauma Therapy: Clients will continue to work through their past, underlying trauma that may be causing and fueling the addiction. Continuing this guided self-work is crucial to get to the root cause and promote lasting sobriety.
  • Focused Relapse Prevention: Our program focuses on preventing relapse. As residents are slowly introduced to more triggers of daily life, this is a critical time in the process for developing a foundation of long term sobriety.

A Dedication to Sustained Sobriety

The Extended Care and Supportive Living program at The Pearl represents a commitment to the enduring success of each resident’s sobriety. By sharing space with peers who have similar histories and goals, residents gain inspiration and encouragement from the collective progress and resilience. This exercises community-building skills and emphasizes the importance of being in and sustaining a supportive community in recovery. A smoother, slower transition back into normal daily life promotes long-term recovery and relapse prevention. Easing back into normal routines allows practice for handling triggers with the cushion of a clinical care team and supportive community to come back to, wanting you to succeed. 

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Discover the support and camaraderie at The Pearl’s Extended Care and Supportive Living, where every step forward in a woman’s recovery is recognized and celebrated by peers and professionals who understand.  Contact us today to learn more!

Our extended care and supportive living options empower individuals and help prevent relapse. Contact us today to learn more!
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