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With our integrated approach to addiction treatment and trauma recovery, we ensure that every woman anchors herself in a life of sobriety, strength, and serenity. Discover a renewed sense of purpose, forge lifelong bonds, and navigate the journey of recovery in a safe, supportive environment that feels like home. At The Pearl, we don’t just help women recover; we help them thrive.

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Steadfast Commitment

We have absolute confidence that every woman can recover. This confidence and commitment to recovery forms the heartbeat of our center and inspires our women to believe in recovery and reclaim their lives.

The Pearl

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With diverse backgrounds in substance abuse treatment, trauma therapy, and mental health care, our team of seasoned professionals bring a rich tapestry of expertise and dedication to our center.

The Pearl

Time tested Recovery

Our time-tested recovery methods have helped countless women achieve sobriety and maintain long-term recovery. Grounded in both scientific research and practical application, our approach has demonstrated consistent success over the years.

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Experience the Rewards of a Sober Lifestyle

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Long-Term Treatment
Long-Term Sobriety

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Our APPROACHMeticulously Designed Integrative Treatment
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We treat the root causes and relational difficulties that fuel addiction. Our proven approach allows women to not only leave sober but to truly thrive, possessing the resilience, insight, and emotional wellness necessary to maintain recovery and enrich their lives beyond The Pearl's doors.

Our PROGRAMWomen's Treatment - The First 90 Days
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The initial 90 days are an intensive phase of transformation, an essential period where women start reclaiming their lives from the grip of addiction. This period is characterized by a structured schedule filled with scientifically backed therapies, one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and immersive activities that promote physical health and emotional well-being. This is a time of vital healing and growth, where women begin to experience the joy and hope that comes with stepping into a life of recovery.

Recovery Program
Our PROGRAMLong Term Treatment - Up to 6 Months
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In our long-term program, women continue to strengthen their newfound sobriety, further anchoring the principles of recovery into their daily routines. The focus broadens to include life skills training and career or academic guidance, helping women envision and prepare for a vibrant life post-treatment. We provide continued therapeutic support, solidifying coping mechanisms to manage stress and potential triggers. These pivotal days allow each woman to move beyond merely surviving to truly thriving.

Long Term Program

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