Women-Only Treatment

We believe in the power and effectiveness of women-only treatment. Providing a gender-specific environment allows for deeper understanding, shared experiences, and a sense of camaraderie that fuels recovery. It facilitates open, genuine discussions about unique female experiences, and helps women form profound connections that act as anchors of support in their recovery journey. 

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Why Women-Only Treatment Matters

Our women-only treatment environment caters to the unique needs and experiences of women in recovery, providing a therapeutic space that encourages connection, empathy, and empowerment.

Practical Benefits

A women-only recovery environment provides unique practical benefits that can enhance the overall treatment experience.

Shared Understanding: A key benefit of women-only treatment is the shared understanding among participants. Women often face unique societal, familial, and individual pressures that can be better understood and empathized with by other women. This understanding can lead to stronger support networks and more personalized care.

Overcoming Stigma: Women with substance use disorders often face significant societal stigma and shame, which can be barriers to seeking and engaging in treatment. In a women-only environment, these barriers can be mitigated, allowing for deeper engagement and more effective recovery.

Safer Spaces: Women-only spaces can provide a greater sense of safety and comfort, particularly for those who have experienced trauma or abuse. This comfort can facilitate more open and honest communication, leading to more effective therapy.

Peer Support: One of the most valuable aspects of women-only treatment is the opportunity for women to develop strong, supportive bonds with their peers. These relationships often continue to provide crucial support and connection long after formal treatment ends. These support networks play a significant role in preventing relapse. A study in the Journal of Drug Issues found that women with strong female support networks were more successful in maintaining long-term sobriety.

Co-Ed Recovery Environments

Co-ed recovery environments can present certain challenges for women that can impact the efficacy of treatment. The most common challenges are –

Gender Dynamics: Power dynamics and gender roles can play out in co-ed treatment settings, potentially inhibiting women’s full participation and engagement in the recovery process.

Romantic Distractions: In co-ed settings, romantic relationships or attractions can become a distraction from the primary goal of recovery.

Gender-Specific Trauma: Many women in recovery have histories of trauma, including physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Women may not feel comfortable working on these sensitive experiences in the presence of men so it may be left untreated. Treatment among other women can provide a safer and more supportive environment to process these experiences and engage in trauma-informed therapy.

The Power of Sisterhood in Recovery

A study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment found that women in gender-specific treatment were more likely to complete treatment and less likely to relapse in the year following treatment. Our women-only environment not only provides immediate therapeutic benefits, but also establishes the foundation for long-term success in recovery. To experience our powerful platform for sustained sobriety, connect with us via phone or our form.


"Within our supportive, female-only environment, bonds of solidarity and understanding form between residents, adding a powerful dimension to the healing process.”
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