Family Program

At The Pearl – Wellness for Women, we understand that recovery impacts both the individual and their loved ones. Our new Family Program is designed to integrate families of current clients into the healing process, providing them with the support, understanding, and tools needed for collective healing and empowerment.

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Comprehensive Monthly Workshops

Led by Blake Rust, our Family Outreach Coordinator, these monthly family workshops offer a two-day agenda filled with activities and sessions tailored to strengthen family bonds and improve communication skills. These workshops may include:

  • Educational Sessions: Learn about the dynamics of addiction and recovery, understand the psychological and emotional impacts, and explore effective ways to support each other. This can help resolve tension and conflict within the family caused by addiction.
  • Group Discussions: Facilitated by Blake, these discussions provide a platform for sharing experiences and challenges, allowing families to connect and learn from each other.
  • Skill-Building Activities: Focus on developing practical skills such as setting healthy boundaries, managing stress, and enhancing emotional resilience. These skills also focus on creating healthy skills that avoid enabling behaviors.

Weekly Support Sessions

To complement our intensive monthly workshops, The Pearl offers weekly support sessions that provide continuous engagement and support for families. These sessions serve as a touchpoint for families to:

  • Receive Ongoing Support: Regular check-ins help maintain momentum and ensure that families feel supported throughout their recovery. We will also connect you to helpful resources and groups, such as the Al-Anon program.
  • Develop Coping Strategies: Each session is an opportunity to learn new coping mechanisms and reinforce skills learned during the monthly workshops.
  • Cultivate Community: Connect with other families who are facing similar challenges, creating a sense of community and shared understanding.

More About Blake Rust, The Pearl’s Family Outreach Coordinator

Leading our Family Program is Blake Rust, a committed leader whose personal recovery story fuels her passion for helping others. Blake’s empathetic approach and extensive experience enable her to offer profound support and guidance to families. Her leadership ensures that The Pearl’s Family Program empowers their families to become proactive supporters and healers.

Getting Connected

Join us at The Pearl, where we believe in healing together. Our Family Program is designed to strengthen families through individual recovery, creating lasting change and a supportive network that extends far beyond our center. Get connected today!

We empower families to heal and be part of their loved one's recovery. Learn more about our family program and get connected to our community!
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