Long-Term Treatment Program

Recognizing that sustained recovery requires time, patience, and comprehensive care, we offer a three to six-month curriculum designed to anchor your healing. This extended stay provides the necessary space to explore personal challenges, allowing women to address and heal everything from chronic relapse to complex trauma histories. 


Designed to Keep Women Sober

Our long-term addiction treatment program is designed to be so comprehensive that women leave our care sober and thriving. Treating underlying conditions, maladaptive patterns and behaviors requires 90 days in order for women to stabilize, become open to treatment, to engage in and benefit from treatment and practice their new behaviors and therapeutic tools in a safe environment. Here is a generalized overview of what our treatment timeline looks like:

The First Three Months: Laying the Groundwork

The initial phase of our long-term treatment program focuses on establishing a stable foundation for your recovery journey. Here is a general overview of our program’s timeline:

Month 1: Detoxification and Stabilization

Your journey begins with a safe, comfortable detox under 24/7 care, where the focus is on healing and stabilizing your body. This process clears the way for intensive therapy and learning new skills for managing addiction.

Month 2: Intensive Therapy and Skill-Building

The focus shifts to confronting and addressing the underlying issues contributing to your addiction. Intensive individual and group therapies provide the platform for understanding and healing trauma. Simultaneously, you’ll learn critical skills and strategies to respond to triggers, manage cravings and cope with stressors.

Month 3: Establishing Routine + Integrating Skills

By the third month, you’ll begin to integrate your new patterns and skills into your daily routine. You’ll start to practice these techniques, developing confidence in your ability to stay sober outside of intensive structured treatment. You will engage in activities and therapies that continue to foster personal growth and resilience, including life, career and academic skills.

The Next Three Months: Deepening Your Recovery

At the end of the initial three months, significant strides will have been made in your recovery journey. You’ve detoxed your body, started confronting your trauma, built coping skills, and begun to integrate these into a daily routine. This stage is beneficial for every woman battling addiction and will lay a strong foundation for ongoing recovery.

However, for some, the first three months is just the beginning. If you’ve experienced chronic relapses in the past, have high-stake challenges such as legal issues, challenging home environments, or simply feel you would benefit from a longer period in our care, an additional three months can be invaluable. This extended time allows for a more profound exploration of underlying issues, and more time to practice and embed new coping skills in a safe environment.

In this nurturing space, you will have the opportunity to deeply solidify your recovery, drastically reducing the risk of relapse and setting yourself up for a successful, sober life beyond treatment. By committing to a longer stay, you’re giving yourself the gift of time – time to heal, to grow, and to build an unshakeable foundation for your future. Here is an overview of what those months look like at The Pearl:

Month 4-5: Advanced Therapeutic Work + Peer Support

During these months, you’ll delve deeper into the therapeutic process, tackling any remaining issues and strengthening your coping skills. This period also fosters a sense of sisterhood and peer support, offering a valuable network of individuals who understand your journey.

Month 6: Transitioning to a Sober Life

The final month focuses on preparing for your life after treatment. We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive aftercare plan, assistance with educational or career goals and provide you with all of the resources that allow you to feel ready and equipped to maintain your recovery in the outside world.

The Power of Long-Term Treatment

Long-term treatment at The Pearl offers an unrivaled opportunity for profound healing and lasting sobriety. This comprehensive approach allows us to address all aspects of your physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.


"You'll emerge from this program with a renewed sense of self, prepared for a thriving life beyond our doors. Journey with us, where time becomes a gift of transformation.”
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