Women's Treatment Program

Welcome to the heart of healing at The Pearl: our women’s addiction treatment program. This is where you’ll immerse yourself in a transformative journey, rediscovering who you are beyond addiction. It’s more than just a recovery program; it’s a life-changing experience crafted to foster personal growth and sustainable sobriety. In the safe, nurturing confines of our center, women relearn the joy of healthy routines, engage with innovative therapies, and form supportive bonds. 

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Effective Therapies for Effective Healing

The cornerstone of our program is evidence-based therapies delivered by experts in the field. We understand that most women in recovery have experienced trauma and addiction often serves as a coping mechanism and we prioritize intensive individual and group therapy to address underlying trauma or mood disorders.

Our therapeutic modalities include:

Strength in Sisterhood

Our substance abuse treatment program provides the opportunity to live and heal alongside women who are traversing a similar path. This shared journey fosters a sense of sisterhood that goes beyond the bonds of friendship—it’s a mutual connection rooted in shared experiences, struggles, and triumphs.

Strength in Structure

The structure of our treatment program provides a foundation for the recovery process. Knowing what to expect and having a routine is a powerful tool to break free from the chaos and unpredictability that often accompanies addiction. A structured daily schedule at The Pearl helps women regain control over their lives and cultivate healthy habits that contribute to lasting sobriety.

From the moment you rise in the morning until lights out at night, your day at The Pearl is organized to optimize healing and personal growth. The daily schedule includes therapeutic sessions, including individual counseling, group therapy, and recreational activities that engage you in a community of supportive peers.

With this structure, recovery becomes more than just a goal – it becomes an integrated part of daily life, strengthening your ability to thrive in sobriety beyond the walls of our treatment center.

Finding Joy in Life Again

At The Pearl, we believe that recovery isn’t just about abstaining from substances; it’s about rediscovering the joys of life. To temper the intensity of therapy, we incorporate a variety of recreational activities that encourage fun, relaxation, and camaraderie among peers.

From Isolation to Connection

By design our inpatient program does not create space for women to hide and isolate like they did in their active addiction. We counter this by creating a supportive community with accountability where each woman is seen, heard, and understood. It’s in this compassionate environment that women reclaim their sense of self and relearn the joy of human connection. For more details on our women’s treatment program for women, our admissions team is available by calling 850-750-8422.


"With expert guidance and compassionate care, let's anchor your recovery in resilience and hope, one structured day at a time. Welcome to your new beginning.”
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