Treating Trauma + PTSD

We have seen the power of healing first-hand, especially when it comes to overcoming traumatic experiences and PTSD. Recognizing that trauma often lies at the heart of addiction, our approach is to address these deep-rooted issues to pave the path towards lasting recovery from substance abuse and trauma.

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Common Causes of Trauma

Trauma can stem from various life experiences, many of which may seem ordinary or are often dismissed. Understanding the diverse origins of trauma helps our clinicians provide personalized treatment. Common causes of trauma include:

Specialized Trauma Therapies

Our team at The Pearl is trained in advanced trauma therapies, enabling them to guide women through the healing process with empathy and expertise. With an in-depth understanding of the complex ways trauma can manifest, we provide a supportive environment where women can safely confront and move beyond their traumatic experiences.

Our trauma-informed approach includes therapies such as:

At The Pearl, we don’t just treat the symptoms of addiction. We go to the root, unraveling the knots of trauma, and equipping each woman with the tools to navigate the sea of recovery, anchoring them in their newfound strength and resilience. Our expert team is ready to help you embark on this transformative journey. Let us be the lighthouse guiding you through the fog of trauma and into the clear, calm waters of healing.


We don't just acknowledge trauma; we address it head-on. With expert care, we guide women through their past pains, helping them find healing, and profoundly reshaping lives.
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